What Do We Carry?

Waldo Chemicals

Plant Protection Products

Most popular commercial fumigants, fungicides, growth regulators, herbicides, insecticides, rooting compounds, smoke generators, and spray aids are available from Waldo & Premium.

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Waldo Exclusive Container

Growing and Retail Containers

Carriers, fiber pots, flats, hanging baskets, inserts, nursery pots, peat pots, planters, pots, trays, urns, and window boxes are fundamental to growers' success and stock a vast selection.


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Waldo Greenhouse Structure

Structures, Covering & Environmental

Alarms, benching, circulation, cooling, controllers, poly films, polycarbonate, greenhouses, heating, irrigation, lighting, vents, ventilation, shading, and propagation are systems we understand and assist growers with everyday!


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Waldo Growing Aids

The Little Things That Help You Grow

We know how to make the grower's work easier with carts, labeling, plant supports, ties, safety equipment, signage, soil mixers, and more...


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Waldo Plants and Plugs

Plants & Plugs

We broker for some of the finest growers to supply exceptional plant materials in plugs, cuttings, bare root, foliage, and pre-finished sizes.
Join us at our Perrysburg warehouse Saturday's in March for plant sale Saturdays! Pick up and carry out from a huge selection of annual and perennial plugs / liners at lowest prices.
Waldo Fertilizers

Growing Media, Fertilizer & Amendments

Adjustments, amendments, conditioners, drainage materials, fertilizers, soil mediums, and trace elements are always offered at Waldo & Premium


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