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• Grower Supply- Featuring all of your horticultural needs, start to finish
• Specialty- Featuring premium garden-related products to enhance retail garden center sales.
• Plant Source- Featuring quality plugs, cuttings, and bare root plant material from some of the finest growers in our region.

A. Chemicals
    • Applicators
    • Fungicides
    • Growth Regulators
    • Herbicides
    • Insecticides

B. Containers
    • Decorative
    • Fiber
    • Hanging Baskets
    • Mum Pans
    • Jiffy
    • Plastic Pots
    • Plug Trays
    • Trays and Flats

C. Greenhouse Systems
    • Benches
    • Cooling
    • Coverings
    • Greenhouse Structures
    • Heating
    • Irrigation
    • Lighting
    • Logistics

D. Growing Aids
    • Display
    • Equipment
    • Labeling
    • Safety
    • Shade
    • Supports
    • Ties

E. Plants & Plugs

F. Soil Science
    • Soil Mix
    • Fertilizer
    • Additive
    • Conditioners
    • Adjustments
    • Mixing and Filling

Chemicals - Most popular commercial fumigants, fungicides, growth regulators, herbicides, insecticides, rooting compounds, smoke generators, and spray aids are available from Waldo & Associates.
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Containers - Carriers, fiber pots, flats, hanging baskets, inserts, nursery pots, peat pots, planters, pots, trays, urns, and window boxes are fundamental to growers' success and Waldo & Associates stock a vast selection.
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We stock product from these manufacturers

  • Landmark Plastics
  • Poppelmann Plastics
  • Concept Plastics
  • Belden Plastics
  • Western Pulp Products
  • Waldo Exclusives
  • Moolah Metallics
  • Dynasty Line
  • Nature Real
  • Moolah Moss
  • Moolah Baskets

Greenhouse Systems - Alarms, benching, circulation, cooling, controllers, poly films, polycarbonate, greenhouses, heating, irrigation, lighting, vents, ventilation, shading, and propagation are systems we understand and assist growers with everyday!
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  • Co-Ex Polycarbonate
  • Modine & Sterling Heaters
  • SunMaster Poly Film
  • Berry PLastic Films

Growing Aids - Here at Waldo & Associates we know how to make the grower's work easier with carts, labeling, plant supports, ties, safety equipment, signage, soil mixers, and more…
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  • Millside Carts
  • Tyne Products
  • Waldo Sign Shop
  • Wonder Waterer
  • DEMA MixRite
  • Milwaukee Instruments
  • Taylor Thermometers
  • FloPak Pot Covers

Plants & Plugs - Waldo & Associates works with some of the finest growers to supply exceptional plant materials in plugs, cuttings, bare root, foliage, and pre-finished sizes.
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Soil Science - Adjustments, amendments, conditioners, drainage materials, fertilizers, soil mediums, and trace elements are always offered at Waldo & Associates.
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  • SunGro
  • Premier Pro-Mix
  • Jolly Gardener
  • Jack's Professional
  • Nature's Source
  • Growth Products
  • Nutricote
  • Multicote

Call Waldo & Associates today for more information and current prices… 1 (800) 468-4011